Donald Clan Information

It is no joy without Clan Donald! (from a gaelic poet)

Clan Name: MacDonald (Todays name is Donald)

Gaelic Name: MacDhomhnuill

Origin of Name: Galic

Branches: Ardnamurchan, Isles, Clanranald, Glencoe, Keppoch, Sleat, MacDonald of the Isles Hunting, MacDonald of Kingburgh, MacDonald of the Isles, MacDonald of Clanranald, MacDonell of Glengarry, MacDonnel of Keppoch, McDonald of Sleat, MacDonald of Staffa

Septs: Hutcheon, Hutcheson, Hutchinseon, Hutchinson, Hutchon, Ketchen, Kutchin, MacCutcheon, Hutchin, Hutchins, Hutchings, Hutchen
     The names above pertain to the Cutchin Name, there is over 300 names in all!

Lands: Western Isles

Location Where MacDonald Ruled

Motto: Per mare pre terras (By Sea and by Land)

Slogan: Fraoch Eilean (Gaelic: The Heathery Isle)

Badge: Heather

MacDonald Badge - By Sea and by Land   MacDonald Badge - The Heathery Isle

   By Sea and by Land           The Heathery Isle

Tarton: (There are many of them for this clan, here is one of the main ones)

MacDonald of the Isles Tartan  MacDonald of the Isles Tartan