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07-29-2004   Many of you have probably wondered where I've been for the last year. Many of you have emailed me and asked if I am still alive. :) I haven't been away from doing research. I designed a whole new site from the bottom up that I think you will like. It's took me a bit of time because I do all this in my spare time. The amount of spare time that I have had has been very small inthe last couple of years, but I'm sure you'll like the updated to the site. The site should be much faster and easier to use.

I have added many new features to the site and modified the ones that were all ready present. I now have my own email notification, if you signed up for the old one you will have to sign up again. I don't have access to the old list. The guest book and message board have changed only a little bit, most of these changes you won't notice besides the text colors. The family pages are now under the section family pages. This allows me to add more families to the list at will. A links section was added, where I have some of my most used links. If you think I should add a link, please let me know. The Helpus page has become the feedback page. I also added an about us page, which tells people a bit about how this site got started and tells a bit of who I am. A lot of people have wondered this for years. You can now search the entire site using google. The gen report pages now allow you to download the reports in PDF format. It is easier to put these up than the pages, the pages take longer to do. Those pages take longer to create.

I hope that all of you like the changes to the site. There are a lot of people who use the site and converse about the family now. Many of them are starting to recheck what I and others have found which is a very good thing because I live in NJ and most of the data comes from the South. Although I at times disappear from the genealogy spectrum, research continues thanks to all of the wonderful people who are using the site. I ask all of these people to be patient with me and keep me in the loop. I will answer all of your questions in time. I also want to thank everyone who has passed along information to me in the last several years. It's because of you, that many of my unknown persons list is shrinking. The Cutchin Family tree has grown and has become very complex, but we are getting closer to having a complete one. Thank you all for stopping by and for helping with research in the last 7 years. The site will continue to grow and offer you new tools to help with your research in the years to come.

Willis C. Cutchin III

12-09-1999   Hello everyone! I fixed the problems with the Guestbook. I just added the new Message Board. I added all of the old messages, but thier dates and times are newer then they orginally were. It is a much cleaner Message Board. I think you will like it.

12-09-1999   Hello again! I am currently working on a new web board. It should be up in a day or so. I have had some problems with the search so I have taken it off line. I am trying to sort out a few problems with the guestbook right now too. I removed the Cutchin Online Book for the time being, while I figure out how I want to update it. Thanks!

12-07-1999   Hello everyone! I am sorry about having to take the site down the the last two days. I switched from a UNIX server to an NT server so that I could continue with the plans that I have for the site. I haven't changed too much just yet. Just changed the files around. Before the New Year there should be a big update. It is one that you will all like, I'm sure. After that there will be one more update before I add several new features. Take care!

9-26-1999   I just uploaded the Fereiby Genealogical Report in the new format.

9-25-1999   Hello everyone! As many of you already know, this site hasn't been updated in a while. I figured it was about time. I added the Pruden section to the site. I updated the Britton/Partin genealogical report and put them into a new format. The first thing you will notice is that the report grew. I have made the report go into the Cutchin Line so that everyone can see exactly where the names come into the Cutchin Trees. In the new format, you can now click on the child's name and the page will jump to the child's family. Also, you can jump from generation to generation. Each page in this format will have a new printer friendly page. When you click on it you can print the page from your browser the same as you always do and everything will be look nicely. All of these pages will also, have an Adobe Acrobat Version. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or higher to read the file. If you print from the reader the report will look perfect. To download the Reader go to the Adobe Website. You can also download the Acrobat Version of the report by right clicking on the link and doing a "save as". The Pruden and Robert Cutchin of MD reports are also in this new format. The new Fereiby report will be up shortly. The Cutchin Family Report will be up sometime in October. I have a lot of new things planned for the site. Those of you who have asked about the AL/FL lines of Cutchin, I am still working on it. I've taken a brake from it right now so I can do this update. I will return to researching the line as soon as I'm done with updating the Cutchin Family Report. I hope you like the first few updates. Take care!

Willis Cutchin

3-14-1999   I just added a new page to the Genealogical Chart Section of the Cutchin Section of the Web Site. It is a line of a Robert Cutchin I of MD, who was born in 1638. I will be starting on the AL/FL Tree next so if you are from or think you are from that line please send me what you can.

3-06-1999   I made a couple minor changes to the VA2 line Tree. The main change was that Frank Cutchins was not adopted, I apparently mistyped it.

2-26-1999   I added a page with Miscellaneous Headstones and Gravemarkers of St. Lukes Church and Cemetery from the USGenWeb Archives. The information came from the archives, but the page was done by me. The page was added to the St. Lukes Page.

2-21-1999   I finally finished the VA Cutchin - Main Tree Pages. I also updated the VA2 tree and made it look nicer. In the coming month, I hope to add another tree to the Cutchin area and possibly even another family to the site that is related to the Cutchin Family.

1-02-1999   Happy New Year! I have updated the VA Cutchin - Main Tree Genealogical Report. It isn't completed as of right now, but I hope to complete by the end of next week. I think that you will like this information, it is the first time that more than half of it ever appeared on the site.

12-12-1998   I have updated the Cutchin VA Maintree page. I have uploaded 13 pages that contain 13 branches of that tree. It isn't completed yet, but it's getting closer. If you have emailed me in the last few months or asked questions on the WWBOARD, I will be responding to you shortly. I have been very busy working on the site and very busy with my regular job. Thanks!

11-06-1998   I hope you enjoyed your turkey! In the last few months this site has become very work intensive for me. To help myself, I redesigned the site. The new design will help me create and put pages up faster. There is a lot that I want to add to this site in the next year. So as you can see the look changed, the way the pages function changed, the pages should load a bit faster, the page URLS have changed, and it is easier to print the pages. If you have bookmarked any pages besides Cutchin.Com. you will need to rebookmark them. The older pages extentions were *.html. If you go to one of those page it will not look normal. The new page extention is shtml. The newest and nicest feature that I have added is a printer friendly link at the top of all the pages. When you choose to click on this link it will bring up a friendly txt file in your browser with the information to be printed. This document can be printed on any printer because it is a text document. To print you simply press CTRL P. I also added two new genealogical reports. One on a KY Branch and another VA branch.
9-06-1998   I have just added a new page that I think that every Ferriby researcher will be delighted to see. It is a page full Information on the Ferriby Name.  Let me know how you like it! I also made some small adjustments to the site navigation and shrunk down some of the graphics too. I combined the Coat of Arms page with the Meaning of the Coat of Arms page.

9-03-1998   I have just added a new page that I think that every Cutchin researcher will be delighted to see. It is a brief Ancient history of the Surname Cutchin. Let me know how you like it! I have also updated the Surname List to include all the names in the main tree that will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

7-19-1998   I now have a new guestbook and I converted the other informaton into the new one. I added more to the African American Page. I completed the 1870 census info. I also fixed some minor bugs that were on some of the pages. There will be a major update of the Cutchin Family Book in the next month or two.

6-27-1998   I added a new page for all the people researching the Fereiby Name. It is the complete Fereiby Line as I know it. The page can be found under the Ferebee Family Link of the Main Page. I do have one more thing that the ferebee researchers will like, but it will take me about a month to put it up. I also updated the African American page with a bit of info on from the census. Got some to add to that as well. More pages are coming very soon!

6-17-1998   I have added the new quick jump drop down box on most of the pages to improve navigation. Also added a search feature where you can search for an individual's name or anything else on the site. I also added the project page explaining the Cutchin Project. I will be uploading a some new pages very soon so make sure you stop by. Some of these pages include Cutchin information on the Cutchin's from NC, SC, KY, and IL.

3-21-1998   I have added an WWWBOARD to this site. A WWWBOARD is a place where people can ask questions to other where ever they may be, exchange information, and let others know what they have found out about the Cutchin/Cutchins family. I will continue to make this site the biggest and the best source of Cutchin Information on the web and possibly the world. In the coming months many new pages will be added. If you have any suggestions of what else should be added please email me! Once again thanks for visiting!

2-16-1998   I have added an African American Page that contains some information on the African American who took the name Cutchin. I updated the Virginia page, Britton page and the St. Lukes pages.
2-5-1998   Hello Everyone! I have added a page on the Scottish Cutchin Family Line. I have updated the Cutchin Family Book with the information that I have recently found and the information that was passed to me by all of you! In the next few weeks, I will be gradually finishing the pages that aren't fully completed and adding some new ones, as my time permits. If there is any way that you can help me continue in my research please do. If you would like your branch of the tree added please let me know. Any information will be posted with your permission. Thanks!

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