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     The surname CUTCHIN, like many other family names, originated in medieval times in Scotland as a simple description of an individual as a means of better identification. Prior to that time, a person was known only by a single name which was given to him at birth. However, as the population of the towns and villages of Scotland increased, it became necessary to distinguish one man named John (or William or Thomas) from others with the same name, and so, a descriptive word or phrase would be given to each.

     There was four major sources from which these additional names arose: the names of Places, the person's Occupation, a descriptive Nickname, CUTCHIN began as a Baptismal Name and was used to further identify one who was the son of Hutcheon, from which means "spirit".

     Hutchin is an English and Scot patronymic name from the medieval given name Hutchin, which is a diminutive from Hugh. Hutcheon is a varation found mainly in Scotland -- other variations are Hutchen, Houchen, Howchin, Hutchings are primarily found in Deven and Somerset as patronymic formas: Scottish patronymic forms include Hutchinson, Hutcherson, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, is found all over, but is most common in Northern Ireland and Northern England.

     In the beginning, the name CUTCHIN belonged only to the person it described. Generations later however, it became hereditary and was passed down from a father to his children to become their family name.

     Variants are names with the same meaning, but spelled differently. Like most names, CUTCHIN has undergone some changes since it originated and has also been spelled CUTCHEN and MCCUTCHEON. At times when records were taken by few, the name was written many different ways. It was written as Cutchins, Cutchen, Cutcheon, Mccutchin, Mccutcheon, Scutchin, and Scutchins. This formed new variants. When the slaves were set free, many of them took these name variants.

     Names often have equivalents in the languages of other nations. If born in another country, instead of CUTCHIN, the family name would have been spelled Hugo (German) and Huguelet (French).

     The most recent official records released by the Federal Government show that today there are less than 5000 people named CUTCHIN in the nation, and it's the 8415th or less most populous name.

Classification Of Origin
Baptismal Name
Country Of Origin
Meaning Of Name
One who is the son of Hutcheon, from Hugh which means "Spirit"
Variant Spellings
Cutchins, Cutchen, Cutchens, Cutcheon, Cutchings, Mccutchin, Maccutcheon, Mccutcheon, Scutchin, Scutchins, Hutcheon, Hutchin, Hutchins, Hutchings, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutcheson, Hutchon, Ketchon, Ketchin, Ketcheon
Approximate U.S. Population
less than 5000
Foreign Equivalents
Hugo (German) and Huguelet (French)
Rank In Size (USA)
8415th or less