The Cutchin Coat of Arms

Cutchin Crest
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Meaning Of Cutchin "Coat Of Arms"


(Recorded under the spelling of Kutchin in Burk's Armories)

Arms Argent, on a chevron per pale gules and sable between three phoens of the second, as many crescents or:

Crest: A crane's head erased argent

Mantling: Argent and gules a helmet ppr.

Authority: Burke's General Armories, 1844 & 1878 editions. Fairbairn's Crests 1911 edition.

       (Silver)     Peace
Argent     (Gold)     Generosity
Or     (Red)     Bravery
Gules     (Black)     Constancy
Sable     (Proper or Natural colors)


    Virginia is a state that is very rich in heritage and contains many beautiful things and places of interest. It is one of the most historic states in the United States. Many settlers landed on its shores and started their lives. Many families started out in Jamestown. As Virginia became larger, families moved towards the west of Jamestown, forming new towns and counties. The Cutchin family moved into Isle of Wight County, Nansemond County, and Gloucester County. They had many farms in these counties. Most of the Cutchin's were farmers. They had many slaves. Many of the Cutchin's fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Civil War. When the Civil War was over many of the slaves that were once owned by the Cutchin Family choose to use the last name Cutchin. Since many of them were illerate they choose to spell the name as Cutchins as well. At that time part of the family began to leave Virginia due to high taxes. They moved to West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Maryland.